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"If you knew you could create a life
you truly desire and
knew you couldn't fail,
what would it look like?"

- David Giwerc, Founder of the ADDCA

Transform Your Life with PauseAbilities Coaching

Your journey to living a successful life with ADHD begins here.

I am passionate about helping individuals achieve their goals and manage ADHD struggles by building on natural strengths.  I provide personalized coaching sessions that will help you gain clarity, identify your strengths, and overcome limiting beliefs.  Together we will create strategies, build skills and create a roadmap to be successful and thrive in a neurotypical world. 

Ready to get Started?  
First step - schedule a FREE Discovery Call. 


  • Generate an understanding of ADHD to manage and navigate symptoms more effectively.


  • Develop the tools that will help to grow beyond the context of coaching. 


  • Learn how to initiate important tasks without relying on the urgency and adrenaline of an externally imposed deadline 


  • Reach outcomes and goals that were previously unattainable without help.


  • Create awareness around achievements, both personally and professionally, and how to devise a plan to get there.​


  • Establish an effective accountability for support and follow-through on their action plans.


  • Discover and create action plans that draw on strengths rather than weaknesses.


  • Improved Executive Functioning leading to improved decision-making, problem-solving, and overall self-regulation.

  • Build coping strategies to help empower clients to overcome obstacles and thrive in their daily lives.

  • Enhancing Self-Awareness by helping clients recognize their strengths, weaknesses, and unique ways of functioning.

  • Build self-advocacy skills to help communicate their needs effectively, and seek appropriate support when necessary

What Can a Client Expect
from Coaching?

What is an ADHD Coach?

An ADHD coach has received specialized training in life coaching but with an added bonus of the ADHD Lens.   This means their experience,, practice, skills and communication are all filtered through a deep insight into how the developmentally different brain wiring of ADHD impacts every single aspect of our lives.  

ADHD Coaching, therefore,  allows the client to better understand how their ADHD brain works.  While discovering new perspectives, exploring strengths and developing new strategies, clients are open themselves up to new possibilities.  



  • Kids/Teens/High School Students 

  • College Student/Young Adults

  • Families/Parents

  • Adults with Late-Diagnosed ADHD 

Who Do We Coach?

Do you have questions?

Past Client Experiences.....What Are They Saying?

From my experience with PauseAbilities, Anjali is insightful, perceptive, and an all-around delight to work with.  Her patience, understanding and humor allow for an enjoyable coaching experience and - on top of that - because of her personable and non-judgemental nature, opening up to her is easy .  I highly recommend PauseAbilities to anyone looking for ADHD coaching!

- Danielle D.

When I realized that I have ADHD symptoms, it was real hard to navigate all the videos and articles out there. I needed a real person to talk to. She has a ton of knowledge on the subject and she has been valuable in helping me learn to cope with my own personal ADHD situations (working from home, raising kids, and learning how to work best with my own idiosyncrasies) After my initial anger/frustration of realizing what I am dealing with, ADHD is a blessing and a curse. With Anjali's help, we will make it more of a Blessing! (Thanks Coach!)

- Matt S.

Anjali has been an amazing coach and an invaluable resource for helping develop productive habits and time management skills for people with ADHD. I feel as though even after only a few months of training with her I have gained immense perspective on how to work with my ADHD, and would recommend anyone who is looking to improve their executive function skills to work with her.

- Rohin B.

I was coached by Anjali for a few months and she taught me so many different ways to keep myself focused, but most importantly she taught me to think differently. I'm not perfect, and I still struggle with my adhd, but I'm so much better than I was before my sessions with her

- Emma B.

I have never seen any improvement within myself like I have working with Anjali. Our dynamic was collaborative, which initially I was unfamiliar of since I was used to being told what to do, but quickly adapted and through that I realized it was the best direction for me. She makes sure the coaching she gives is functional to one's each character. Anjali is kind, empathetic and adaptable and will bring that in every dialogue with you. Check PauseAbilities out!

- Maria G.

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