Frequently Asked Questions

What is ADHD Coaching?
An ADHD coach is a professional trained to help people live easier with ADHD. Think of it as a mentor. Your coach won’t do the work for you. Your coach teaches you coping skills, gives you insight, helps solve problems. They act as a sounding board to untangle living with ADHD. The best ADHD coaches have a lot of training and experience in attention deficit, Some even have it themselves.
What is Executive Function Coaching?

Executive Function Coaching is a specialized form of coaching aimed at helping individuals develop and improve their executive function skills. Executive functions refer to a set of mental processes that enable individuals to manage themselves and their resources in order to achieve goals. These skills include:

  1. Organization: The ability to arrange and keep track of tasks, materials, and information.
  2. Time Management: The skill of allocating time effectively to tasks and activities.
    Planning and
  3. Prioritization: The capacity to set goals, create plans, and determine the order of tasks.
  4. Task Initiation: The ability to begin tasks and activities without procrastination.
  5. Working Memory: The skill of holding and manipulating information in one’s mind while performing tasks.
  6. Self-Control: The capability to regulate emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in order to achieve goals.
  7. Flexibility: The capacity to adapt to changing situations and adjust plans accordingly.
  8. Problem-Solving: The ability to identify challenges, generate solutions, and implement strategies to overcome obstacles.
  9. Emotional Control – The ability to manage feelings to achieve goals and complete tasks.
  10. Self-Monitoring – The ability to view and evaluate oneself.

Executive function coaching helps individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses in these areas. The coach then collaborates with the individual to develop personalized strategies and techniques to enhance executive function skills. This may include setting goals, breaking tasks into manageable steps, creating schedules and routines, using visual aids and reminders, practicing self-monitoring and reflection, and implementing other evidence-based interventions.

How does ADHD Coaching differ from Therapy?

ADHD Coaching is not psychotherapy. Here’s how I look at it: coaching focuses on building skills and taking action to create the life you want to have. Therapy tends to focus on your past and emotional healing. Both are important for living easier with ADHD. Lots of folks work with both a coach and a therapist Many people work with an ADHD coach and a therapist at the same time.

What code of ethics to you work by?

As an International Coaching Federation (ICF) member I subscribe to the ICF Code of Ethics and take my ethical responsibility very seriously. At the outset of our coaching relationship, we will both sign a coaching agreement ensuring clarity about what this means in practice. Coaching is a safe and 100% non-judgmental space.

Is ADHD Coaching covered by Insurance?
Unfortunately, insurance companies will not cover ADHD Coaching. However, I have had clients pay from their medical spending Accounts (FSA/HSA).
What if I really need coaching but cannot afford to pay fully out-of-pocket?
Please contact me anyway I do offer a few “reduced fee spots”, but first we need to see if coaching is right for you and if we are a match… then we can discuss details.
How long does coaching typically take?
There is no concrete answer because it really depends on the individual challenges and the amount of and types of goals the client has set. To get the most out of coaching it’s best to plan to meet for at least a couple months, to be able to initiate new strategies and work on maintaining them.
Do I have to have an official diagnosis to work with an ADHD Coach?
No. Some clients seek coaching to help navigate getting an ADHD diagnosis. Some people aren’t interested in getting a diagnosis. As long as someone is willing and able to make changes, they can work with an ADHD coach. However, I do believe if a client is highly suspicious of having ADHD, then getting a diagnosis.
Does ADHD Coaching guarantee success?
There no guarantees in coaching. Working with an ADHD coach isn’t an easy process. It takes time, commitment, and effort. Sometimes when coaching isn’t new and shiny anymore, the client’s level of commitment starts to fade. Sometimes the coach and client are not a good fit for each other. Other times, clients aren’t financially able to sustain coaching. Whatever the reason, it’s a good idea to talk to the coach about the coaching process isn’t working for them.